17 / Male / Narcissist / Forever Alone
Hey I'm TooxScenexBoy I dunno how I got that name. It just kinda stuck. Stuck as in it stayed in my crushed black shriveled heart. Like a scare form my past. Like a breeze that just keeps coming back. I used to be called a Emo fag, But I am a emo fag. But then I found out I'm not a emo fag, But really just a Scene boy. They said it's a phase. But I don't plan on ever changing who I AM for other people. I know who I am. I will never act like some fake bitch. I HATE FAKE BITCHES! I only want to see the real you. Or no you! As in I don't wanna see you!

I like most music as long as it seems to understand my pain. Mostly Linking park. I know all the words to "In the end" I personally think it's a really good song, and if you got a problem with that then stay away from me.