24 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
foriegn language fiend with LunaClipse
Angola, NY – US
I'm very easy to get along with as long as you aren't rude or mean to anyone. I hate when people pick on or discriminate other people because they are different. I don't care if you are the exact opposite of me as long as you are not rude or make blatantly ignorant statements with the intention of ridiculing someone or something I will stand up to anyone for you. I love to listen to music play my guitar and sing (I play several other instruments but the guitar is my favorite). I am also highly interested in fast cars (preferably not chevy) and a motorcycle enthusiast. I am a huge dork and you will find that out if you choose to talk to me, and if anyone ever needs someone to talk to about anything I wont judge or tell you that you are wrong. I will keep your secrets and do anything I can to help you but other than that I am what you interpret me to be, wether that be a psychopath, a genius, or a fag. You may call me what you choose but it will never change my outlook or who I am. I am not here to be a pleasure to look at for everyone I am here to live life and help in anyway possible. I like to live life on the edge and follow the words of Mitch Lucker-- "You only live once, so go f***ing nuts." Don't try and break me because your words are bullets to me and I'm f***in' bulletproof.

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Can i please have someone who appreciates when i drive 30 miles at 3am just because they feel alone?

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SATAAN asked

Tell me one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to you.
I thought I knew someone at wal mart and I had a thing with this person at the time and when I turned her around and kissed her it wasn't her but I ended up having a thing with her because apparently I was a good kisser

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;p i've cosplayed quite a few of them


nice Sharingan contacts btw


;p righttt.. whatever the case, i call shotgun.


Dat mustang doe :3


Supppp thanks for the friendship :) Xx


hi :3 i like your hair bye cx


Hello~ c:


Miss chu!! D:


thanks for the addd ;3 Dont be a stranger lol


hey im katie i added you a while back but we never talked :) so hey