27 / Male / Straight / Single
is a sexual panda with LittleEmoBunny
Tennessee – US
Names Tobi
i am an Atheist,
i'm a cat lover, Dog hater tho i do love Huskys.
i'm 5'6-5'7,
i listen to Music just about everyday,
i read, write once in awhile,
i'm a Gamer,
i'm very weird and random. i dislike people for many reasons, but if we talk then i may just like you, certain people i would just not like depending on a situation. i don't like other males, don't get along with them very much. most just really p*** me off and i tend to talk a lot of s*** about them. (for many reasons) if you don't like it then oh well. i smoke (Weed), i drink on Occasions, i LOVE sweets, (its like my drug) my fav colors are Black, Blood Red, Purple, Green, Blue, White. anything else you would wish to know ask me don't ask stupid questions that are plainly here as you can see. add me if you’d like.

if you got a problem that i smoke pot, or anything about me then get the f*** off this page and find somebody who gives a f***.

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Anonymous asked

Have you ever ate out a girl while she was on her period?
oh yea, i tear that s*** up like mash potatoes with a s*** ton of gravy.

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your music scared me


you hate dogs? :(((




Have a wonderful new year! ♥