20 / Female / Pansexual / It's Complicated
Bowling Green, Ohio – US
I'm just a girl. Nothing special. I'm loud, silly and obnoxious. I like frills, lace, and all the little things in life. I have no grace so don't ever ask me to dance. I'm naive and sometimes really stupid. I laugh at the most inappropriate of times. I think that flowers are pretty, and so is the grass. I say I don't care, but really it kills me inside. I have stuffed animals that I can't sleep without. When I cry, I just smile to hide the pain. I know I'm not drop dead gorgeous, but I'm pretty when I try. My life might not always be the best, but I'll put it on the side lines in order to help someone else. I get embarrassed easily and blush a lot. As I said, I'm just a girl.

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lol I've visited this site 69 times xD ok.. I have problems.. >->

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