22 / Male / Straight
reaching for Nirvana – US
My name is Tim, you can call me Timmehh xd

ah...you want some gold?
..I have what you want.
..It's gold, right?
*sigh* ah..take it!!
*throws gold in your face*
..I just need Sen..
..bring me to Sen!!

1 heart = 1 gold (i swear on me mums car)
A few of my favorite bands/artists:

Being As An Ocean
System Of A Down
Bob Marley/ D O double-G
A little bit about me:

18 y/o
I hate myself & people..but mostly myself.
I'm a proud owner of an enormous f***-it bubble & a neko is what is keeping me alive and I coudn't be happier about it cx.
I'm a russian, living in Germany lel.
My english is da best. js~ xd
I love anime n.n
Add me on these! :3

Skype: russhooter
Facebook: Tim Baka


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go fornicate yourself

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xxdeadveinxx asked

which one's better russia or germany? .-.
germany c:

...better weed and every1 thinks your accent is awesome but i hate it

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hero c;


i love you