22 / Female / Bisexual / In Like
Texas – US
My name is Tabitha I am 20 I have canine bites, vertical labret, my tongue, nose, cartilage on each ear and double ear piercings. I love play guitar and sing. I am not exactly classified as "Emo" or "Scene" and do not ever like to be labeled as one so in other words I am just myself :). My favorite food is ice-cream... I could eat it all day long ahahha <3 Love it. I play electric/accoustic guitar, violin, and the piano and I also sing aannndddd yeah. My current occupation is a bartender at a fine dining restaurant in an international terminal at the George Bush Air Continental Airport. If you have any questions ask, any concerns message me and yeah enjoy my profile, bye! oh and one more thing.. Blink-182 is my favorite band and will forever be my favorite band <3 <3 <3

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Photo spam , some are recent some are a bit old but all of its from this yeah :P

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wanheda asked

why are you cute tf
I'm not really sure if I were to explain that myself I would.

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happy birthday<3


Did it hurt to get your nose pierced? .-.


Np love♡message me whenever♡


Who cares what people think of you. You are absolutely gorgeous. Smile♡


Thanks for accepting me :)




do you kno a girl name ashley? or use to


Thanks for accepting! ❤


I like yer face <3 just sayin :3