19 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Whore Friends DarkParadise
Florida – US
Hai. I'm Stephanie :3 Florida Girl. In a committed relationship. Heres a bit about me:
~Color Guard
~Cats are my thing
~I love the color blue
~Trying to live clean and healthy
~I no longer have a stand point on religion; just be a good f***ing person
~Post Hardcore and Pop Punk is where it's at
Positive vibes your way.
I really am quite pleasant, I promise..well, sorta.
Hit me up?
Kik- Skyeenicole

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People need to grow the f*** up -.-

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DarkParadise asked

Have i met you before? you look familiar ;)
Sorry, I don't talk to whores ;)

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suck my f*** cornholio