21 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
wonderland – US
Hi, Im Jayy Im Gay, The Crazy, Violent Faggot With aids. No im just kidding But that is my idol. The real me:

Hii♥ Im Jessi♥ Well Thats what I like to be called. I am 15. I love Dinoaurs, Domo,And pretty Colors. I am always here. And i think everyone is beautiful (Unless ur a creeepy perv). I love Funny people. Yeah so... My kik is: Bieber_Von_Vanity136. I am single so Hit me up. Before u message me:

-Use proper grammer.
-I dont sext so if u want to swerrve!.

Uhm stuff about me:

-I like to message people
-Im depressed
-I not very Pwetty:(
-Sometimes i used roleplay *Smiles*
-I am looking for friends
-I dont act sad but i am
-I love random messages:)
-If you hate one BOTDF i will smash ur face in <3
- I am looking for someone to date. And i strongly believe in long distance relationships

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i think theres a unicorn under my bed :/ !!!