20 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Nope not telling – CA
Long time since I've been on here.
Its weird looking back at what kind of a person I was.
I'm in a better place now which is nice.
Anyways, about me:
I am 19, 20 in October. I love to sing and draw.
I play minecraft mostly when I'm not working.
If you ever wanna play minecraft with me let me know. I'm on Xbox 1.
I love to bake, sweets are my thing I guess.
I am not sure what else. There's not really much about me.
Have a good day~

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Whats up you freaky motherf***ers? News today? Someone is pretending to be 3 different people, to date themselves, and we are all not THAT f***ing stupid. Credit to MrFire 

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
I think it has been everyone who doesnt doubt me in what i do and supports me..

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