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Hey there, I'm Danni. Tuesday, October 21st was when I truly started being happy because of this one boy I've liked since I got in high school. And he makes me happy. We aren't dating yet. But he's mine so yeah back off. Hehe I dont bite. I'm shy and awkward anti social. But aren't we all? Anyways, I'm into cute things. 1D, 5SOS, [email protected], The Vamps, SWS, MIW, TBDM, those peeps have saved my life. And yeah enjoy yourself. I tend to complain a lot but, you'll get used to my crayness soon enough. "Experience is the name we give our mistakes." -Oscar Wilde.
My fav movies are TFIOS, Titanic, Enders Game, and The Notebook.

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How do I convince my parents to let me get a nose ring or my septum done because I've tried telling em I'm responsible enough and I know how to clean and that I'll be stuck with it yet my mom is still 100% against it. I DONT WANT TO WAIT TIL IM 18 I see fricken sophomores with f***ing belly button piercings like wth why can't I have a piercing somewhere else besides my ear???

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XXBaraa.RazorBladesX asked

Why r u amazing + great person and friend as well //_^
Tbh i honestly don't have a d*** clue..... :l i'm pretty likable i guess...

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thank you so much <3 I'll be here for you to, forever and always <3


omg i love your hair :)