20 / Male / Gay / In Love
He's Mine ♀♀LoveisLove♀♀ Trevor.ImaMonstar
Saffron Walden – UK
I'm Brandon, Gay. ♀♀
♀♀ I'm straight forward about everything so I might come off as mean but I'm not. ♀♀

I'm REAL! and I have a REAL LIFE boyfriend ♀♀Trevor Witzigreuter♀♀. I love him like crazy. He's my world. Take him from me or flirt with him and I become a bat out of hell! Don't make me reach that level.

♀♀I'm from the UK and I'm 15. I have anger issues so don't annoy me whatsoever.♀♀

I live,eat,sleep,breathe ♀♀Trevor♀♀. Everyone else is just a friend. Got it? Good.

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I'm having feelings for Riley ... Is that a bad thing? I've known him for a while ... S*** I don't know..

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SoulBiter asked

How did you get your hair so perfect? I'd like to know for my boyfriends sake. Tired of hearing him bitch about it. XD
Not much. Ummm lots of s*** .... I'll get back to you on that.

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hey :3 im trying to get my friend some likes for his modelling page give it a look and give it a like that would be amazing thank you ^.^ :3 i really appreciate it


thank u for accepting


I love you .. I miss you ...So come over... I miss your penis (haha I didn't say that)


You're welcome. o: