20 / Female / Bisexual / Engaged
shit town USA – US
Savannah. 18. Senior at a piece of s*** high school. Playing music and acting are my thing. I play 7 different instruments. My language is that of a sailor (fair warning to anyone who is sensitive to language). I sing.... a lot... I partake in a bit of photography. I can somewhat draw (not exactly my strong suit). Before you start trying to message me. I don't send nudes, or sext on here. That's nasty I'm here to make friends! I'm a classy lady.

If you think I'm pretty cool? send my happy ass a friend request. Wanna know more? shoot me a message or ask me some questions. Wanna be a sweetie and heart my profile? Coolio! I'll heart yours back.

i have a job that I work 5+ days a week plus school, so if I don't message back quite as much as I should it you know why. Well I Don't know how to end this so....BYE ^_^

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If you love him let him go, if he comes back he is yours forever. ☺️