23 / Male / Straight / Single
His best buddy :) AsmodeusX.O
Hey guys :)
I'm shy, but I'd like it if you messaged me :) I hate adding people because I'm that shy, but you should add me... I hate starting conversations because I feel like I would just be annoying you.
I am from Scotland! :)
I have my lip pierced.
I love music!
I love martial arts!
I love anime and manga!
I love thinking about things and I love reading!
I love writing music and lyrics, playing my guitar and singing :)
I love video games too!
All kinds!
My favourite movie is Watchmen.
My favourite book is too hard to choose!

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Just home from surgery. Feeling so fatigued and not being able to eat ain't helping!

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AlexandriaHorrorStory asked

my account was terminated e.o plz accept
It's alright, I'll accept of course! :)

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Its ok


Hey i miss u buddy


U r the sweetest person ever:)


Thanks for accepting mec: