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Hell x3 – US
Hai Im Savannah. I had another account but I have a new one now! Yaaay!

¤¤If you're interested in books with demons and stuff, read something down below before my hobbies¤¤

I dun haz skype or kik btw...

Mah favorite anything x3:
»Green Day
»Falling in Reverse
»The faces x3, xD, x/, and cx.
»Xbox 360
»Panic! At the Disco~Emperors New Clothes\I Write Sins Not Tragedies
»Sims 3/Pets
»Catz xD mew
»Legend of Zelda
»And other crap like that x3

Im weird.

I love cemeries.«33

Worry, I bite x3

Mah buddiezz:


If you're interested in books with demons and things that pertain to that, you should tooootally find my books on should do that..


Mah hobbies:
¤Playing piano
¤Writing music/lyrics
¤Playing xbox 360
¤Writing books
¤Stalking stalkers...naahhh Im jk guys xD its ironic doe huh.
¤Listening to music
¤and many more I don't feel like typing x3

Congratulations to you if you're reading all of dis!! -hugglez-

Dun be shyyyeh, message meh if you want teewww xD

Ba baiz, kittehz! »^~.~^«

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Josh just wrote me a song xD He might chase me with knives, but he still luv meh lolol