20 / Male / Bisexual / It's Complicated
Land of the dead – UK
Hey there ^.^
My name is Jackson, i'm a pretty average guy, i like music and spending time with friends, i dont like being on my own.
I work 12 hour shifts so dont really get a chance to meet new people.
I like body mods.
I am a friendly outgoing guy, i get along with almost everybody, i never judge or bitch and usually dont care about drama.
I have social anxiety and borderline personality disorder but i manage them pretty well and live a normal life most of the time.
I am cheerful unless i have a reason not to be, i like meeting new people so hmu? I've got Kik ✌

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Hows everybody today? :)

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Anonymous asked

Does she feel the same way
Lol you're so nosey anon 😂

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