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Hi my names is shawn and yes i am that one guy who always sticks out and if your a friendly person come and talk with me and we can be friends but if your just going to be a dick all day everyday the bugger off and but if you ever need anyone to talk to i dont care if your a stranger or i know you or your an internet friend then come and have a talk with me and i will always be here and willing to talk and listen to whatever you need no matter how bad or how dark i will listen.

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if we shadow have offended think but this and all is mended that you have but slumbered here while these visions did appear and this week and idle themes no more yelding but a dream gentles do not reprehend if you pardon we will mined and as i am honest puck if we have unearned luck now to scap the serpents tongue we will make amends ere long else the puck a liar call so goodnight unto you all give me your hands if we be friends and robin shall restore amends a midnight summers dream by shakesph

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That profile pic though XD This made my day better lol