20 / Male / Single and Looking
Brady's Rape Dungeon - IN – US
Hmm about me well apparently I'm a gay tele-tubby haha obviously the purple one. I like most kinds of music and will give any song a chance. My top three bands are A Day To Remember, Three Days Grace, and Crown The Empire. I honestly don't give a s*** about people saying crap about me so I don't really have many problems with people. I try to be nice to everyone I talk to but some people go to far. I had a chance to got to a concert it would either have to be A Day To Remember, Foo Fighters, or Green Day. I'm not the type of guy to ask random or any girl for that matter nude pictures. Sooo yea that's me that one gay teletubby.
If you want to message me do not start off with hi. MAKE IT INTERESTING!

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Anyone heard of the band Of Creations?