19 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Philly – US
My names Taz, I had an account on here awhile ago but deleted it. But I'm back again, anyways feel free to add & message me! Ask for Kik, Snapchat, & Skype

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So I haven't been on here in awhile, a lot has been going on. I'm trying to focus on school so I can graduate in June, I'm working on getting a job, & I wanna focus on me. Things with "my crush" didn't work out, he out of nowhere stopped talking to me but its whatever. Anyways, I'm gonna try an come on here more if not then feel free to ask for my Snapchat or Kik, since those are the things I'm mainly on, apart from Facebook & Instagram, which both links are on here.

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BlondieBrownie asked

Your just drop dead gorgeous, point blank period.
Awe thanks love, you're gorgeous too<3