102 / Female / Single and Looking
You will always be perfection in my eyes. DesireeLeianne
A euphoric like trance. – US
Music is my sickness and only cure.

Some of my favorite things:
*Video Games

I'm pretty shy at first, but once you I feel comfortable with someone I'm pretty outgoing and funny. Sometimes I'm a bit too caring and understanding. I tend to take things slowly now a days.

*I'm not on here a lot so if you manage to talk to me on here and enjoy talking to me.... you should probably ask me for some form of contact into outside of SK. Just a heads up*

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D***.... it's been along time...

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daddy 💦   asked

Happy Birthday! ^~^
Well thanks dollface!

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I love you too :c <3


Yeah...message me.?


I prefer if people ask instead of forcing it on them. And I had my reasons...but don't bring that back up.. :/ and you say and do as you please though, no matter what natatila.. So it wouldn't matter if I liked it or not..
And okay I will


But you still come on.. And you've never asked me for other things, like skype or something...


No Natalia..like why leave. Don't keep making it out as if I hate you and all... :/ cuz I don't..


Okay. And why.? I didn't say it like that.


Yeah..lol btw...ja, how come you all of sudden start talking to me again.?


I'm fine thanks, you.?


Hey lol whats up.?


How've you been.?