21 / Female / Lesbian / In Love
why hello there (>^^)>
my name is lexi :D do not call me alex, alexa, or alexis.....ill flip some major s***....i hate my name alexs so im lexi and only lexi okie? okie cx
-yes I am gay, sorry fellas <33
- im 5"7
- im 105 pounds
- i have 12 piercings and 2 tattoos ~(OuO)~
- music is my passion and life <3
- i play guitar, piano, and write songs c:
- dont try to talk sexually to me...ill never talk to u EVER again.....ever
- im not "fake" so please dont say i not even pretty enough to be fake lol
- im bluntly honest, and a tad(A LOT) bit sarcastic xD im not trying to be mean or a bitch i cant help it D:
- if i write or read something wrong dont make fun of me im yeaaa cx

well dats some things about me want to know anything else? message me, i dont bite....hard ;) xD
cya cheeky dick waffle douche cannons cx <3

kik: x_SuCk.My.F***_x
skype: suck my f*** <3
facebook: Alexis Waltman
phone number? ask me :)

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mmmmmm.....ill just buy myself some flowers for valentines day xD

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RebleCountryboy asked

If you hand an hour to spend with a family member who would it be?
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my dad ;-;

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Hey, how are you? You should add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter and instagram if you have them, Always good too meet new people! Xx