18 / Female / Bisexual
Go fuck yourself blvd – US

Please take a look at our Merch store. Please buy one or all of them.Buying all of them gets us closer to London/getting us through school, because it's part of our dream. We would like to move there when we graduate, start a small photography business Lex as a model who will also have a business degree/cosmetology degree.



Hey guys I’m Anna, I am half of The Nightmare Before Us. Music is my life and art is my passion. I love to draw, write lyrics and take pictures.

Yo yo yo! I'm Lexi the other half of The Nightmare Before Us. I sing constantly. I love to act, model, and be spontanious

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When you are fine living your life without a certain someone in it and you think everything is fine then you see them out and it shatters you. Now you are back at the beginning mending your broken heart.

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