21 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
Is my panda child Musicfreakforever
I'm trying to get through life and your either....
A.) In my way
B.) helping me get through
C.) on the side lines
D.) off f***ing with others

I'm an artist, I paint, I draw, I write(poems and stories), and I sing even if i suck at it, I play the saxophone, and when you get me in the mood my words can either cause great pain or wonderful feels...

I like people for who they are and whether or not they treat me well so if you don't like me just say so and get the f*** out of my life.I have a skype it's Yoruneedslove so yeah...
Wants in boy/grilfrind: piercings so I have something to do when I'm bored (XD Biting)
Likes: Cats (♥'s), Pandas, music, art things, gaming, f***ing around on youtube, and sitting in the dark with the only thing that will always love me -besides food-.