16 / Female / Straight / Recently Single
las vegas – US
Hey my name is Ariel. I wouldn't say I'm a scene kid? I had a profile when I was like 12 and annoying. I just kind of fit in to the scene puzzle I guess lol I don't know I get called Emo Goth Scene Grunge etc. So I guess I'm all of it .-. but anyways!! I like to longboard I enjoy spraying art out of a can on pavement. I color and poke holes in my face a lot. I am in a BDSM lifestyle of petplay and Daddy dom little girl. Please do not tell me that's hot it's a lifestyle please respect it and me. I guess you could say i'm looking for somone ? Not really looking to date over the web but I won't close myself off from it. Well that's a little summary of me I guess.