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This the story of Ronald the loneliest kid you'll ever meet. You'll probably never meet him because you've never seen
him in the streets, Ronald stays in the house been pretty depressed since his dad passed and left him in the darkness
of his room with insecurities. But would often consume a fifth of poison ascume proceeding with an epiphany
to beat his mother senselessly, Ronald stuck in the middle to struggle to pull him off her, his mother received pain
and dropped it off at the altar. She finally realized that she was stuck in a cycle in optimis weighing options
of taking her own life. Or dealing with all the problems she wanted to raise Ronald realizing that domestic violence
probably changed Ronald. It's monday afternoon 3pm to be exact, was exiting the bus where he was bullied by his peers.
Entering the house and walking right into his fears seen blood drip from the top to the bottom stair
with a glare he sees his mother and releases and scream, he saw her veins split in half with a blade by her feet
couldn't believe the scene that his eyes were forced to receive drops to his knees "god please let this all be a dream"
But it wasn't and paramedics start arriving to the residence his father already riffing about the cost of the funeral
and now hes in the living room belligerent as usually Ronalds a punching bag for his dad who's leaving bruises the victim
and victimizer relationship is abusive. Ronalds only 13 with a deprivation of dreams his fathers an alcoholic who's more
concerned with his liquor than he is his own seed go get me a beer nigga, his father was complicated he didn't believe
in limits a man of little conviction who's struggling with addiction and now become well condition from drinking with
repetition on that downward spiral he loads the clip of his rifle. saying a prayer like hes searching for forgiveness
it's a futile attempt the lord refuses to forgive him for that life time of sinning now you praying for a penance all
that alcohol dependency was physically dependant. then he says a hail mary kiss the crucifix and pendant puts the barrel to his
chin like this is the end friends now Ronald is all alone in a system of foster homes full of pedophilic predators
molested on the regular, teachers don't understand why he hardly ever speaks and his grades are getting worse as he
academically plummets developed a speech impediment it's a pain he's impervious it's from his foster mother who's
sneaking under his covers Ronald doesn't understand because he hasn't reached puberty confused by perverted love
he receives on a regular he tries to fight the feeling but she always gets the best of him, this bitch is taking his
soul and and now there ain't nothing left of him. solitude in his room as he sits in the darkest corner hes medicating
his pain with strains of marijuana, refuse to talk to a pastor he don't believe in religion he said if god resides
then my mother would still be living instead she left me hell the agony of this prison no one understood that was his
defensive mechanism not knowing that he wanted to push the pain that he was given
the direction of a person thats not living with a purpose he made it up in his mind that these mother f***ers deserve it
in a world where this child was abused and left deserted, he started studying killers such as john wayne gacy
and those kids from columbine, he saw them as masterminds perfected the blue print and with the rifle Ronalds
accurate the same barrel his father used is now his muse he loads the clips and cocks it as he throws in the duffle
smells like death, teen spirit and a whole lot of trouble, hes bumping Marylin Manson you could probably feel the
treble, Ronald never talks to god conversation with the devil like please give me the strength to kill all these
mother f***ers, as hes walking into the school with a f***ing mac eleven, hes done with the disrespect so hes
aiming it at your neck popping plenty of rounds and laying his peers down as the blood starts the puddle the children
begin to huddle running dodging the bullets Ronald's finger on the trigger, if he sees you then he pulls it, his class
mates are his targets gun is hotter than august from automatic magazines hes releasing this a massacre genocide of his
generation and generally speaking hes giving generous portions of bullets that come and they seek and they singe, cleansing
him of his sins i'm guessing this is the end because Ronald saved the very last shot for himself so he places the barrel
inside the center of his chest close his eyes take a breathe and the rest you can attest to story of pain and agony
written by yours truly this a treacherous allegory ugh, i hope you never confuse it don't lose it. - K.A.A.N