24 / Male / Straight / Recently Single
Cincinnati – US
Hey guise, Im Stewart but call me whatever you want lol
I play drums, currently for a band called Kingdoms Burn.
I love music.
My favorite bands are Erra, Northlane, Periphery, Acacia Strain, Rings of Saturn, and much much more...

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hello all my new friends, lol I may start getting on here more often :p

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Muffin.Kitten asked

Hey, baby. You there, that just left my house. I love you. That was great, when my mom thought we've been together for 8 months and really it's only been 3 months and a day. You're perfect. You're my other half. Without you is like the night sky without twinkling stars, useless and ugly. It's not as amazing as it would be with stars. But you.. You are my meaning in life. I wouldn't want to ever break up or anything. You're beyond perfection. I will slit a slut's throat over you c:
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awhh baby c: When I whispered to you "please don't leave" I really meant it, You are so d*** important and precious to me. Without you I would wither up and die like those roses, my life would be pointless. You give it meaning and happiness, you give it more than happiness. You make me the happiest guy on earth, I cant wait until Black Friday when we can go back to my house and sleep in my bed :p And i can cuddle you until we fall asleep, and I can give you a goodnight kiss c: Then in the morning I will get to wake up with you there, no having to get ready and drive up there to get you, you will already be there <3 And I will be able to gaze into your beautiful eyes and say the same thing I always say to myself, "holy cow, this girl is the one for me, this girl is the only one for me, she is so d*** perfect and amazing" Tiara I dont know what else to say, I feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, and you are the one responsible for that cx I Love you so dearly and so much <3

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Hey. You're beyond perfect, baby <3 c:


I love you too cx i can't wait till tomorrow night. OH I HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT TOMORROW. TEXTT MMEEEE


Only a few more days till December 1st <3


Awh. I love you too <3 c: