18 / Male / Pansexual
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Ensenada Baja California – MX
Umm.... Hello, greetings my name is Spencer. I'm super shy generally, I'm also rather the quiet type usually. I am a very sensitive and, very emotionally in touch individual.. I have been through a ton of horrid s***, and been severely traumatized several times over. I never did have friends growing up, so my all over hopes now are to be able to make friends, like real friends because, that is something I haven't ever had before,... I've already started to try to as well, and thankfully I have had a bit of luck. Anything else you'd like to know, just try talking to me, thanx.. ~ Spencer F. - Peace Out

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I need opinions, because I'm not exactly sure... Am I cute?? Rate 1-10 please.. Thank you ^_^

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hey wanted to say i hope you are enjoying your life and i wish you the best and if you want to talk then you can ethier add me on my instagram which is tyla117 or my kik which is tylalo so yeah peace out


wish you would talk to me that would be nice


Hiya, thanks for adding and all :b