18 / Male / Pansexual
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Ensenada Baja California – MX
Umm.... Hello, greetings my name is Spencer. I'm super shy generally, I'm also rather the quiet type usually. I am a very sensitive and, very emotionally in touch individual.. I have been through a ton of horrid s***, and been severely traumatized several times over. I never did have friends growing up, so my all over hopes now are to be able to make friends, like real friends because, that is something I haven't ever had before,... I've already started to try to as well, and thankfully I have had a bit of luck. Anything else you'd like to know, just try talking to me, thanx.. ~ Spencer F. - Peace Out

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I need opinions, because I'm not exactly sure... Am I cute?? Rate 1-10 please.. Thank you ^_^

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Hiya, thanks for adding and all :b