101 / Non-binary / Narcissist / It's Complicated
The Dream Realm – US
My stripper name is Red Velvett, but in socially acceptable terms, I go by Scarlett.

~Help I've fallen into an endless pit of satanic anime and I can't get up
~Some favorite movies are The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Repo, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, aanndd Spirited Away because I'm an actual 10-year-old
~It's just in my personality to flirt platonically/jokingly/etc. and sorry (pfft, not) if you get confused
~I am the biggest sucker for pretty voices and if you can sing I will probably be obsessed with you
~I am fascinated by humans and I befriend them just to get a closer look and study the way they work
~If I am quiet it's definitely not because I'm shy, it's because I'm figuring out all of your weaknesses and downfalls
~I am way too hard to entertain and I get bored easily
~Dan and Phil are perfection
~My taste in music is actual trash and I admit it
~Lovelovelove cosplaying of any sort and crossdressing is a habit of mine

Lily (daddy 💦 ) keeps dragging me back to this hellhole. (Stupid hoe)

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And then walking around in the dark to drop a friend off at her ex's house and then she just sorta forgets you exist so you just leave her there...?

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daddy 💦