19 / Female / Pansexual / Broken Hearted
in a bat cave – US
hiii i had an account already but couldnt remember my email and stuff so i just made a new one so just to let you guys know im Lilith Snow but you can call me snowbunny cx i am a goth girl and im pansexual cx soo i dont care what you look like whats on the inside is what matters :) i am a artist i can draw almost anything i want to be a special effects artist. I absolutly love helping people who need it like if you need or want anything i will do everything i can to get it for i am one of those people who would give you all my food and the shirt off my back and the shoes off my feet if you need it <3 but yeah dont be afraid to message me :) im not that scary commentt <3

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I hate myself

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genderless asked

happy birthday <3
awe thank you hun