16 / Non-binary / Demisexual / In a Relationship
Plainfield – US
Greetings! My name is Eddie, and I'm an annoying loser. I like reading, writing, and YouTube. I'm a total nerd and I make really bad puns. If I don't respond to you right away I'm either sleeping, writing, or crying. I also have no friends because I suck and I'm terrible. Also! Do not fear! If I give you a compliment, it is platonic! I am not flirting! I am not going to talk to you just to flirt with you, I am going to talk to you so I can be your friend, as I enjoy making friends and talking to you! Please do not hate me!

<Literally tea is everything>
*Dank Memes are my life*
~I'm a mistake~
(My little baby Dipper is adorable)

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mylittlepony23 asked

hey do u like the band bvb
Yeah I like BVB but I'm not about to blow up everyone's dash with them. They're not my favorite but I do like their music