19 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Virginia Beach! – US
I'm Raven! "is Raven your actual name?"
"Hahahah where's beast boy at??"

HahaYeahMan is my favorite boy and I love him so much.

if my last message is unclear HahaYeahMan is my boyfriend so if youre here trying to hmu dont hmu lol im not interested.

Uh, im barely on here anymore, but I come on sometimes lmao so add me pls.

Im lame and play the Ukuelelelele

RIP scenekids.

please don't message me if you are gonna be rude :^)

anyways, heres wonder wall

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i got a new tattoo today lmao. Thats something cool right?

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Happy birthday
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Thanks nerdo

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I'm taken sorry


twins hmu


I pressed that flower thing I didn't even know it was a function