19 / Female / Pansexual / Broken Hearted
Hey everyone welcome to bio!

πŸ’ž I'm Skye πŸ’ž
Things about me

β€’ I love to make music, bake/cook, write poetry, puzzles, and just relax.

β€’ I'm 5ft and into metal music (tho I listen to a lot of other genres.

β€’ Yes, I still go to school so please bare with me

β€’ I'm a free spirit, who has a positive outlook for things. I love helping others when I can, and making friends with similar interests. I love meeting new people

β€’ I'm a really "chill" person and I hope to make a big difference in the world. Yes, life can be pretty crappy, but I hope to be there for others!

β€’ I love bands like: Motionless in white, Ice Nine Kills, Get Scared, The Sisters of Mercy, Autospy, Nothing More, Pierce the veil, Ne Obliviscaris, Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth, Icon for Hire, Lacuna Coil, Cannibal corpse, Panic at the Disco, Oueen, etc.

β€’ I love artist like: Ariana Grande, Amy Winehouse, John Legend, Beyonce, Tony Lanez, Migos, Boys II Men, SWV, etc.
🌟 And anything else you can ask me about! 🌟

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It's always a good morning when you get ice cream for breakfast