15 / Female / Asexual / Single
✗ Happy on the outside, breaking on the inside.
✗ Equestrian
✗ Call Of Duty & Metalgear
✗ Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, and Three Days Grace
✗ Anime
Call me Sky or Raiden, enough said with that.
Typically into either Screamo or alternative rock, I'm Asexual, I don't want to hear your sex fantasies or hear anything sexual come out of your mouth. Think before you speak.
Ditched by all of my friends except for one, I guess people can't stand me.
I'm not always going to agree with you, but sure as all balls I won't judge you. Please no pedophiles coming to seek out someone to jerk off to.
Ah, *cough* you're welcome.
I'd say I'm a decent person with many regrets in my life. Not too many people matter to me at the moment, and those that I do, they're lucky. Social anxiety and possible depression doesn't exactly help with anything. Isn't life going to be fun?
If you need to talk, I'm always here. If you need to rant, go right ahead. I do the same.
Bye. ✔✗✘☾

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Open to talking to anyone