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Washington, Indiana – US
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You're twisted words, they make me sick, and all the years of being messed up and sick. I've cried for far too long, time for me to take off and be gone. You've spit hate into my soul, words that cannot leave, don't even say sorry, those words are hard to believe. I have no hope, I have no strength, just these pills and silly old mistakes.Hold me close, Don't let me go, Watch me In the hospital for souls.It feels like I'm done, it feels like death, babe it's like the end of this cigarette. i cant save you if you loved me just tell me i cant save you tonight. I've been shot in the lungs from your sweet caresses, I've made it out of hell to find a dead-pool of messes.we don't sleep we don't eat we speak in tongues. XxJace.Sad.PandaxX

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New kik comingdown1121 snapchat is the same

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QuothTheRaven asked

On a scale of 1 to Chuck Norris, how badass in John Bender?
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99.9 is how badass Bender is to Chuck Norris

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I love you toooo :3


Have a wonderful new year! ♥