100 / Male / Straight / Single
FuckVille – UK
I am Skelpp.

I am active occasionally and will pop in the chat every now and then.

Things I do in my spare time:
- Make music
- Play Guitar
- Sing
- Everyday people things (ex. eating)
- Listening to music.

Things I enjoy:
(Listed in Spare Time)

Things I hate:
- 2018 + 2019
- People
- Snowflakes

I feel my biggest weakness is being social. I mean, why the f*** else would I be on here?

Ask me questions.. please. I'm bored.

Feel free to talk to me about your problems. Anyone suffering with major depression I can relate with so hopefully that can give you some sort of insight that you're not alone, and that treating temporary problems with permanent solutions is not a good idea. Suicide doesn't remove the pain, it's put on to someone else. Suicide is becoming way too common in today's world and we need to lower the rate at which it's happening. If any of you feel down to the point where you can't cope anymore, then I strongly encourage you to talk to someone. If not family, then a close friend. If that isn't an option for you, then call the suicide hotline.

I love you very much, and have an amazing day.

~=Weeb S***=~
(Stop reading when you get to here)

I'm learning Japanese along with Chinese since both are my favourite languages. The written side of both is something like art to me. For someone to have the ability to understand that is really intriguing and it blows my mind. If anyone is somewhat experienced in either language, or wants to learn with me, then send me a message.

Rainbows, sunshine, everywhere we go.

Love me better, kiss me back, listen more.

You and me, fireworks. All the stars, supermoon.

I watch them all pass by
The moon & the stars
Let me hold you in my arms, forever more
These cold nights, the park is ours
Standing, by the side
Let you go, oh to the sea, just for me

I love dreaming.





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