99 / Male / Straight / In a Relationship
WoOwEe, it's ya boii.
I am Skelpp.

I am active occasionally and will pop in the chat every now and then.

Things I do in my spare time:
- Nothing.

Things I enjoy:
- Listening to music.

Things I hate:
- 2018 + 2019

I feel my biggest weakness is that I'm a really laid-back person. I couldn't give a s*** about anything.

Ask me questions. I will most likely give an straight forward answer, unless it's what I consider absolute s***. In which case I'll end up just either ignoring it, or giving a really s*** answer in response.

S*** question - S*** answer.

Feel free to talk to me about your problems. Anyone suffering with major depression I can relate with so hopefully that can give you some sort of insight that you're not alone, and that treating temporary problems with permanent solutions is a big "no no".

I'm learning Japanese along with Chinese since both are my favourite languages. The written side of both is something like art to me. For someone to have the ability to understand that is really intriguing and it blows my mind. If anyone is somewhat experienced in either language, or wants to learn with me, then send me a message.

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