15 / Non-binary / Pansexual / Single
😵Hate each other at times friend😵 Tiana
Narnia – US
Herro ;3 The Names Alex
My zodiac sign is ♓️PISCES♓️
Yes I am A fish *waves fin*
I am 13 birthday already past but its
Feb. 27
IF YOU STEAL THEM FROM ME IT IS NOT GOING TO BE PRETTY *hugs my rockstar and monster*
I sometimes will turn on my anons but other times I won't why because I am wayyyy too lazy

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Well hollo there mate

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Anonymous asked

(Not trying to offend you or anything)
How does one know they are Pansexual? Is it just like BOOOM or does it slowly happen?
I'm curious
Well anon i bet you are a beatiful person and i will tell ya and if not its ok well it happens slowly like if you dont care what the person looks like and they are a girl and they have a dick you dont care but that is just an example and if it was a guy and has a vagina u dont care its just like you dont care what they have its just about the personality or something you like about them ok

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Sure I'll be your frand. :]