19 / Male / Bisexual / In a Relationship
dis one be mine XD MeeMow
None of your damn business – US
Hai there, My name is Madisson, or Maddy or Madcity for short (I really don't give a f*** on which you wanna use, that's completely up to you :D)
~~~I AM A SKATER AND BISEXUAL>>>with that being said, don't judge me and I wont judge you, ok, alright c: (I kinda suck at skateboarding anyway :P) And I am AGNOSTIC...Which means my religious standpoint is basically that i dont care if theres a god or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry :) Thats the way i think..I Believe but at the same time i dont so i dont care lol

~Music I like/ listen to includes: Metal, metal, and more metal...and possibly some metal thrown in between there.
~The Amity Affliction <3
~Asking Alexandria
~Of Mice & Men
~Pierce The Veil
~A day to remember
~Chelsea Grin
~Suicide Silence
~Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
~For All Those Sleeping (R.I.P)
~Deftones <3<3<3
~Veil of Maya
~One Morning Left
~Five Finger Death Punch
~Four Year Strong
~Rings Of Saturn
~Close Your Eyes
~3 Doors Down
~Green Day
~Blink 182
~Good Charolette
~Thy Art Is Murder
~Motionless In White
~Blood On the Dance Floor (hey, haters gonna hate :p)
~ETC... (/^o^)/
~~I also listen to dubstep, and rarely some rap thrown in there somewhere~~

My girlfriend MeeMow is everything to me <3 You touch her, flirt with her, or anything...your speaking to me...and possibly dying a painful, and very gruesome death tee hee c;


~I may like both genders just as much and attracted to each but that does not mean that i am always free lol I HAVE MY LOVE TAKEN ALREADY!!!! Sorry.. (/.\)

~But if you have any questions just inbox meh...i dont bite :)

Any questions just ask; Ill catch you on the flip side bitches \(T_T)/

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I want longhair nnnoooowwwwwww! .-.

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hey hey hey hey!


Hey there how are you in Austin