21 / Female / Bisexual
Coventry – US
Hiii!!! :D my name is Lexi! I live in a small town with not many people I like and my amazing boyfriend that I absolutely love to death <3 <3 I'm shy at first but after I get to know you, I'm really crazy and funny c: I'm a nice person so don't worry!

I like: dyeing my hair, pretty colors, drawing and painting, animals, combat boots, fashion in general, and music <3

I don't like: spiders, mean people, and such ;_;

Bands I love!!!
Picture Me Broken
The Downtown Fiction
August Burns Red
Oh, Sleeper
We Came As Romans
Sleeping With Sirens
Parkway Drive
Of Mice and Men
In This Moment
The Gazette

And a lot more... If you read all of that you deserve a cookie xD anyway, message me :D

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Yeah I have depression and I have a lot of trouble with it. But my parents don't acknowledge it. They just tell me to get over it.

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Have a stellar new year! ♥


thank u very much :)