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I hate my blank bio,so lets do this thing!!!I like over 25 bands,I will not name them all.Takes too Long,and I'm lazy/bored.My favourite bands right now are Get Scared,Dot Dot Curve,and Papa Roach.I am very shy and all of you are very attractive.So That makes me more shy.I most likely won't message first unless you appear very friendly,that's just me.Do message me though.I don't take kindly to bitches or manwhores,and yeah I tend to cuss Alittle bit.My grammar is not perfect and never will be,but if we're talking and I correct an error,I apologize.That's the way I am,and that probably won't change.Now Message me,and lets become best friendss!^^

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My messaging isn't working, help??

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
My mom. Repetitive, I know.

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