20 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Niagara Falls – US
Hmm.. I'm nice,fun,and hyper and loving and calm all at the same time.. I dye my hair a lot.I have 9 piercings all professionally. I love photography and art. I love to sing. I want to be a tattoo artist or a hairstylist and I'll always be a photogenic on the side. I'm laid back and like to have a good time. I blow out the candles every year on October 3rd. I'm afraid of death and spiders. I'm scared to die because I feel like we're all living for no reason if all we do is die in the end. I'm not religious at all. I believe everyone is beautiful no matter how they look. I'm Karma,I am a bitch, but we all need that beautiful bitch in our lives.

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haven't been on in a billion years. :c

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acidmonkey asked

if you had one pet (real or fake) what would it be
A dinosaur or narwhal