27 / Male / Straight / Single
My favorite person EVER!! Back of you scene sluts Talia
Perth – AU
my name is Shards. i like playing, guitar, going to gigs, drinking, cooking, playing games and quoting workaholics. there's nothing i hate but i do dislike a few things which aren't worth mentioning

i like heaps of bands -too many to name- so i'll just give my top 5 favourites for now. Norma Jean, Architects, The Storm Picturesque, Converge, Texas In July.

my top 5 favourite tv programs are: workaholics, it's always sunny in philadelphia, greg the bunny, squidbillies and metalocalypse

i work as a chef to support my dreams and like making friends in between ^_^

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Talia asked

excuse me mister but aren't we supposed to be talking right now?
are you online ?