106 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
Walmart – US
Hey Internet!

♡My name is shanzi
♡ I like lots of bands
♡ basically I'm sarcastic and a bitch
♡ I hate grape soda
♡ I'm too shy to message first
♡ Tumblr is my life
♡ I'm an artist
♡ if you've seen my pictures, you'll know that I'm not the most attractive person ever
♡ single *sigh*
♡ Proud Whovian
♡ I like talking a lot
♡ I make lots of kandi
♡ kik: Chopperchu
♡ Snapchat: ShanziKinz
♡ Tumblr:

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You can call me the doctor

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Alexandurrr asked

your back ground turns me on
I know, umf.