24 / Male / Straight / Single
Worcester – US
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Im not on her much anymore but Hey names Rashaad but u can call me Shadow if u want. Im on here to try to make new friends cuz i dont have many friends and the one i do have are slowly leaving me or just don't give a s*** about me:( I LOVE MUSIC, Love concerts,Love Longboarding its my life and i be chillin and i also Really like meeting new people and making new friends. i also like walking in the woods but if im not outside or at a concert im inside Rocking Out or Jammin out to whatever the F*** I feel like listening to but I really Love Dub-step,Deathcore, Metalcore,Death Metal,Heavy Metal,Reggae I am very diverse when it comes to music I Cant do 1 genre so some bands I listen to a lot and like are Suicide Silence, Slaughter To Prevail, Asking Alexandria, BearTooth, Motionless In White,Oceano, JINJER, Miss May I, White Chapel ,Kuza,Lost Dreams ,Attila,Shoot The Girl First,Stick To Your Guns and a lot of other bands I love EDM and meeting new people im a little shy at first but I open up after we talk for awhile.I and am a loyal friend Don't F*** with me by pretending to want get to know me then being like f*** u and never talking to me again I take that s*** personally and to heart I know I shouldn't but I do I am me Don't try to change me cuz I am who i am and i hate that o and I don't Smoke or do any Drugs so don't ask if I do or try to get me to. I NEVER HATE PEOPLE because that's the kind of person I am Got any Questions feel free to ask anytime but im on most of the time but not always on so if I don't reply right away its cuz I cant get to the keyboard at the time but I promise to message u back or answer any question's when I seen it.........ok yeah im getting bored of typing so if u wanna talk hit me up or if u need someone trustworthy to talk to im here even if its personal or complicated im all ears. also if u want to get in touch with me here is the link to my FB
ide LOVE to talk to u Awesome people :D also please follow me on Instagram
k Later people! 8)

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Chelsea grin will never be the same without Alex:(

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thank you!!


Thank you cxx


I'm asking all the people on my friends list, Do you believe I am the REAL Ariana Grande? I am


same :D


its pretty.good never really heard of it


nope first time watching it :o


thanks dude death note is epic