19 / Female / Demisexual / Single
Fuck Off. – US
Hey, I'm Destiny. (kik: destinyshaforostov)

I like bands like Motionless In White and Bring Me The Horizon.

I will not talk to you if you say something creepy, dumb, or if you look old so don't badger me about it.

Being annoying p***es me off. So don't do it.

I'm not a mean person unless you p*** me off so don't be afraid to message me.

(Sorry if I sounded rude, I just need to get my point across.)

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is it because im ugly that other people have around 100 or whatever and i only have two?

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Anonymous asked

nah. i want it colorful. but i can never afford all the work i want done to it
buy your own dye and dye it at home by yourself?

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happy birthday!