18 / Male / Gay / Forever Alone
Ottawa – US
Hello! My name is Sebastian, I'm sixteen, and I'm proudly an FtM transgender. :) Feel free to message me! x I tend to be really shy, yet sassy at the same time.. I don't mean to! Haha :)

My favorite color is green, I really like to listen to Lana Del Rey, RHCP, Green Day, and The 1975.
I think snakes, spiders, and big dogs are adorable! :D I also tend to be on Tumblr alot aswell.

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Lying to myself I can make it on my own; Making it alone is lonely; Twisting and I'm turning, Oh I'm crashing and I'm burning, So reach out your hand to me, Come down Rescue my heart I'll drown. - Liz Longley