21 / Female / Straight
Twilight Zone – US
🔪⚰️Daughter Of Horror and Queen Of The Dead⚰️🔪

☹Hello Stranger, I'm Abby☹
Instagram- hylian.vai.abby
Snapchat- abbylovesyou223

☯I'm nothing without Death Note
Chris Motionless notices me everytime I go to a Motionless In White concert, be jealous
Motionless In White brings joy to my life, hands down the best band ever to me☯

The Legend Of Zelda is my life, if you don't like those video games, I don't think we can be friends. I literally wrap my whole life around it. I collect everything and care for that game like it's real life. Link is my video game crush and I need a guy like him in my life

I'm weird af and awkward. I waste my life. I'm obsessed with cats, bands, and anime. I love to dye my hair. I have 4 tattoos and counting. I currently hate myself and want to die lmao. That's about it, I'm not that interesting. Send help pls. Also don't forget kids I'm a piece of s***!!!!((':

May The Force Be With You

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Yo wtf I don’t even go on here anymore haha, I keep forgetting about it

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HappyHarryHard.on asked

insults? just ignore man it isnt worth it. and truth is i never played zelda lol. im more assassins creed, gta, metal gear, shoot people to death lol. but glad you are well man. be strong okay?
Oh I see haha, I've never played those games.Thank you very much, I am trying my best! Be strong yourself too!

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Hey you, yea you, if you heart my profile you no joke and no scam will receive, 10 quintillion dollars, it will magically appear out of your butthole with 5 pokemon. Jokes aside though, hope your well.