20 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
Sister SelenaAlvarez
Bakersfield – US
hello there o.o ... my name is Jacquelyn (i hate my name) anyways if you have a kik then kik me, my kik is xXhayleyxD and if you wanna text then thats fine too. i do listen to bands all kinds and i hate school because its full of stupid people and stupid guys that dont act like their f***ing age -.- they act like 10 year olds. but oh well :p they can go fk themselves because i dont give 3 s***z. i dont juge for how you look or anything. im not those kind of girls. well there you go thats all you needa know fo sho! laterz!

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tnx for accepting :)


hi sis!!!! :D