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iz 2scene4u Rawr2832
Up your butt. – US
So uh, like. Im ina relationship nd they luv me 4 who i am and i luve him he's so cute ;*

I'm so sceen. I like botdf, BrokenCYDE, Scene Kids, Pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, I see stars, black veil brides, etc. And I totaly luv andy beirsack. And dahvie iz so hot.

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iTunePikachu asked

Oh that's cool. Is he nice? I want a pitbull very bad but most pitbulls are mean and stuff.
He was a rescue from Hurricane Katrina. He's the sweetest thing ever! But he gets jealous when other are around and tries to sit in your lap cx

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Totally xox


XD well, thanks


XD Not really but thanks