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Guthrie – US
Hai! I'm Saviour, but you can also call me Save. I'm not going to explain all about me. If you want to know, add and message me. BUT.. Here's a little briefing for you(:

------> I'm mute.
I'm different from other people.
I'm full of anger, depression, hate, love, and tears. I can be funny, but only after 9:46 P.M. I have anxiety, Bipolar, and Schizophrenia.
I don't like to talk to people face to face. I shy the frick out. I can't look someone in the eye and lie to them, knowing that it will hurt them in the long run.
I always have music on, no matter where I am.
I've been hurt by the people I thought loved me most, and bullied for five years.
I have more battle scars than I can count, and I'm proud of that, because while other people see ugly lines on my arms and legs, I see wars that I fought against and won. <3
Put this on your page if you are or you support Emo/Scene/Gothic/Punk Kids :P ♥

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Today's A Kik Sorta Day. Kik Me? SaviourIsBroken

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mylittlepony23 asked

Ok my sister has my phone
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Okay, I'll say Hai It's Saviour whenever I text you, so know it's me.

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Oh ok


U look nice




u are pretty nice profile pic #flawless


oh okay cx lol


yup cx


umm..i have a gf.. sorry


Tbh: You look like a very cool person. You like the same bands as me message me sometime. :)


Thanks for the acc :) x