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Loners...Basically Forever xD sataneatschuxD
😍❤️Missing My Baby ❤️😍 – US
❤️️😇R.I.P X-6.18.18 <3 We will miss you, man! Keep making fire up in heaven! 😇

❤️ 😍 1/13/19 😍 ❤️

"It's not that hard. Some people just like DICK"-Trevor Moran


*German Accent* Bring me a sandwich

~There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met.~ William Butler Yeats

German, Polish, Irish, Pennsylvania Dutch



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Time to go y'all. Be back in the future hopefully <3

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Lucius  asked

Nederlands en Duits? Laten we een van die talen spreken, oké? Deutsch ist auch in Ordnung!
Ich spreche kein Deutsch. (That was supposed to say I'm not fluent in german. But IDK.. Really explains my german lol)

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Cotton 🌹🌹🌹 

Aww thanks (^: