22 / Female / Straight / Single
Rotterdam – NL
Hii my name is sanne but they call me Ariel and Angel < lollol xD I'm guitarist and singer ^^. Well yeah , I'm hyperactive but I also help people always , i've got self a lot of problems so i can help people better with ther problems. I will even help you , but i really can be a bitch too if you make mistakes from my help c: your choice's little bitches <3 Don't stalk me but talk with me ^^ oh and my english is bad ;w; sorry xDD buhbaayy c:

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Hii guys <3 here's my new cover from Anouk - Michel

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
My grandmother <3 she was like a mom for me (: but she's allready dead :c cancer :c 1 year ago mweh

And yours? ^^